Posted on Aug 12, 2019

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Why getting a new high efficiency furnace can save you money
The first obvious reason is it saves on fuel consumption. The modern gas driven furnace can use the flue gas escaping from the exhaust pipe for pre-heating of incoming cold water. It helps in saving on the volume of gas required to heat the water when it enters the main chamber. Moreover, it can also help in retaining the minimum water temperature when the heater is in idle time.
The second reason is to avoid frequent breakdown and repair costs. The new high efficiency system can work for the next 10 years without any critical breakdown. Moreover, the maintenance costs will be much lower compared to the old furnace.
The annual fuel utilization efficiency of the new furnace will be more than 90%. It is due to the transfer rate of heat into water per unit area of pipe volume. The construction material used in the new furnace will determine how efficient the system can be.
For example, the furnace using the copper or brass heating elements can increase the rate of heat transfer and reduce the loss volume. The insulation property of the outgoing pipes will be higher for the new furnaces. It can preserve the water temperature as it moves from the furnace to the final destinations.
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