Posted on Dec 2, 2019

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Get Ready For Fall With A New Hot Water Tank Installation

As the leaves change colours and the days get shorter, make sure you’re ready for the coming cooler days of fall. If your hot water tank is getting old or doesn’t seem to be working properly, now’s the perfect time to find a replacement. Don’t get stuck with a cold shower on a cold morning; get ready for fall with a new hot water tank installation.

Signs it’s Time for a Hot Water Tank Replacement

You depend on your hot water tank to provide you and your family with the hot water you need. Don’t get left in the cold; check for these signs it’s time for a hot water tank replacement:

Water comes out discoloured

Water has an unusual odour or metallic taste
Hot water tank makes loud popping or cracking sounds
Leaks around the hot water tank
Hot water tank is over 10 years old
Avoid Cold Showers with Hot Water Tank Installation
Of course, the most obvious sign you need a hot water tank replacement is that you don’t have any hot water. Minimize your risk of facing that unpleasant situation by being proactive about replacing your hot water tank if you notice the above signs that your hot water tank is failing.

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