Posted on Nov 25, 2019

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Why Duct Cleaning ?

Breakdown and Preventive Servicing
Breakdown servicing is the repair and replacement of faulty and damaged parts. It can be related to the motor, filters, burner, fuel system or others. The technician diagnoses the problem and provides the right remedy. It is generally beyond the scope of DIY procedures. You will need an experienced furnace repairer.
You can categorize the preventive servicing into cleaning, part inspection, lubrication, oil, and part replacement, etc. The product manual can give you DIY procedures for regular cleaning. Regular inspection of parts by the professionals can ensure the smooth working of the furnace. You can avoid loose connections, cracks and leaks, clogged filters, and stress on the furnace parts.
Scheduled Servicing
Scheduled servicing is regular and continuous. It can ensure efficient and smooth heating. It is especially beneficial for radiant heating systems. The circulating water can retain the remnant heat when it reenters the furnace. Hence, the fuel consumption for the subsequent heating reduces considerably.
Schedule servicing also takes care of part and component calibration. It ensures the original settings and functionality of the factory conditions. The system remains free from mechanical, chemical, and electrical fluctuations that may affect its working efficiency.
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