Deciding whether or not your air ducts should be cleaned is an important consideration to make. Not all air ventilation systems are equal. Each will work differently and have its very own chance of facing possible malfunctions or contamination.
The easiest way to decide whether you need clean ai...

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Why have your Calgary furnace cleaned?

For a lot of people, there’s very little apparent reason why they would need their Calgary furnace to be cleaned. This is why not many people think they would need to use the services of a furnace cleaning company. However, it’s one of the most important th...

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A natural gas hot water tank is one of the easiest ways for you to get hot water in your home. But there’s a lot that you have to consider before you start buying one for yourself. A lot of people out there might be wondering how to find the correct hot water tank company for your hot water tank...

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Cleaning Your Furnace Ducts can Help Manage Asthma and Allergies

“We spend 90% of our time indoors so managing indoor air quality is really, really important, particularly for people with asthma,” Asthma Canada CEO Vanessa Foran said.

Global Television just did and interview with Calgary fa...

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How Furnace Cleaning Can Improve Your Quality of Life

A professional furnace cleaning can do wonders for your home. There are many benefits to scheduling regular professional furnace cleaning in Calgary that will overall improve your quality of life.

Furnace Cleaning Improves Air Quality

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Keep Your House Safe with Professional Chimney Cleanings

Your fireplace warms your home and sets the mood for relaxing evenings by the fire, but it also allows for the accumulation of soot in your chimney.

If the soot is allowed to collect for too long, it puts your property at risk for a fire....

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Is furnace cleaning Calgary Good For The Environment?

Saving money and doing something good for the environment are great;when you can do both of them at the same time, it’s even better. You might not realize it, but regular furnace maintenance is one way to do both. Here are some ways that Cal...

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Get Ready For Fall With A New Hot Water Tank Installation

As the leaves change colours and the days get shorter, make sure you’re ready for the coming cooler days of fall. If your hot water tank is getting old or doesn’t seem to be working properly, now’s the perfect time to find a replacement. ...

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Why Duct Cleaning ?

Breakdown and Preventive Servicing
Breakdown servicing is the repair and replacement of faulty and damaged parts. It can be related to the motor, filters, burner, fuel system or others. The technician diagnoses the problem and provides the right remedy. It is generally beyo...

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a month ago
This review by far is the best one I have ever given simply because the service and work were amazing!! I just cold called this company after reviewing some of the reviews and my oh my they did not let us down. We had a carbon monoxide leak from our fireplace on Dec. 29th and Michael came out and was amazing. He called ahead each time he was to be coming to our house, was always on time, told us what he was doing. He communicated along the way and was very clear in what he recommended. He went above and beyond in finding the parts for our old gas fireplace and came in today and finished the work. There were two other guys (don't know their names) who came on Saturday to do the chimney cleaning as well. Our fire place looks amazing and the best part it is 100% safe again. Michael knows we were worried about this and he truly cares. Hats off to Advanpro for having such efficient, professional, friendly staff who know what they are doing and who care. Thank you from all of us and we wi...
- kathleen a
a month ago
I was really impressed with Advanpro. I didn’t know of Advanpro until this morning (January 16th, 2020). The week of January 12 adds some of the coldest days in Calgary, which was -30 without the windshield. My hot water tank stop working, I call Advanpro at 8am to see if they would be able to come and take a look at it. As I said the temperature was -30 for the entire week, therefore lots of people would be having issues with their furnace and hot water, because of this Advanpro would be really busy. I was really surprised that Advanpro was able to come and fix my hot water tank within 2 hours after I phone them. Their technician Michael was really professional and friendly. Thanks again Advanpro for sending out a technician so quick and thanks to your technician (Michael) for fixing it so quick. Thanks, Ian
- Ian W
a month ago
Steve and Tim are some of the friendliest guys that have come into my home. They did an amazing job and left no dirt or dust behind. They also took the time to make my animals comfortable with them invading their space. I will definitely recommend your team to my friends and family. Thank you again guys.
- Lana W

About us

Furnace Cleaning CalgaryWe are your furnace and duct cleaning experts!Do you want to ensure the cleanest, safest indoor environment for your family or business? If so, you need a professional furnace and duct cleaning performed by your Calgary furnace cleaning specialists!We are furnace cleaning professionals based in Calgary who have been providing furnace repairs, furnace maintenance, vent cleaning, and furnace duct cleaning services for years.Furnace CleaningWe offer a full-service furnace and duct cleaning using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum system. Your cleaning will include the following:
  • Cleaning of the furnace (cabinet interior and exterior) and vents (ducts)
  • Cleaning of all supply and return duct work
  • Removal and cleaning of blower motor assembly (including adjustment, where necessary)
  • Supply and installation of a new  standard air filter
  • Cleaning of the ignition assembly
  • Cleaning the blower fan assembly
  • Cleaning of burner assembly
  •  Cleaning of joist liners and all return duct work
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger
 Furnace Tune Up/ Furnace ServicingEven if you aren’t having a “problem” with your heating and cooling system, you will benefit from a regular furnace tune up servicing and maintenance. After all, it’s cheaper to prevent a problem than to fix things after they go haywire. A Furnace Tune up /furnace servicing by our team of professionals includes the following and can be done with any furnace and duct cleaning package:
  • Inspection of your: Thermostat, Flame  Sensor, Ignitor, Burners, Venting Heat Exchanger  Wiring
  • Test and Check: Ignition Sequence, Safety & Pressure Switches
  • Supply & Service: New Standard Furnace Filter, Motor Lubrication, Fan Belt Alignment & Wear,
  • Interior /Exterior Furnace Cabinet Cleaning, Test & Set Temperature Rise
  • Measure & Record: Amperage, Voltage& Resistance of all Motors & Electrical Components.
  • Test and Set gas pressure
If you choose to go with out Platinum Total Care Tune up you will get
  • 8 – standard furnace filters
  • For 2 years from the service date,VIP front of line emergency call out service
  • For 2 years from the service date, 20% discount on all subsequent furnace repair bills
  •  And more!

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