Why You Should Have Clean Ducts in Calgary

It’s easy to forget about your air ducts, but making them a part of regular home maintenance is a good idea. Regular duct cleaning is a preventative measure that may help keep your air cleaner and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Benefits of Duct...

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Duct Cleaning Calgary

Get your Calgary Furnace Ducts Cleaned before winter comes. Its best to have your furnace cleaned before you turn it on, that way all the dust and debris is blown into your home. Let us ensure you have quality air when you turn on your furnace before a cold snap. Winter is ...

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4 Ways to Tell if Your Calgary Furnace Needs cleaning

Getting stuck without heat because your furnace fails is never pleasant, particularly during the cold of a Calgary winter. Although it’s often impossible to determine when a Calgary furnace will fail, by watching for signs that it isn’t work...

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Fall is arriving quickly , and winter is not far off! Sad but true , make sure your furnace is ready to be turned on and running smoothly BEFORE it gets cold. Get a furnace tune up and furnace cleaning done before the Calgary Cold hits us. We are furnace exp...

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Winter Is Coming Are You Ready ?
Let Advanpro ensure your furnace is working to peak performance and stop wasting $$$$.
We can ensure your Calgary Furnace is ready for the winter , Either with a tune up or Furnace cleaning. We are Furnace experts and dont do Carpet cleaning , We just do furnaces...

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When to Clean your Furnace?
While cleaning your furnace during renovations is a great opportunity, it is not the only time of the year when you should clean it. Instead, there are specific periods when you should get the furnace cleaned up. Proper maintenance is mostly recommended after winter an...

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Winter is coming are you ready ? Get your furnace ducts cleaned today.

Staying healthy has become a chore, hasn't it? Social media is filled with articles upon articles about how people are getting sick from this and that. A lot of the health issues nowadays come from the unlikeliest of places...

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Duct Cleaning Calgary - Furnace services

Why getting a new high efficiency furnace can save you money
The first obvious reason is it saves on fuel consumption. The modern gas driven furnace can use the flue gas escaping from the exhaust pipe for pre-heating of incoming cold water. It helps in s...

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Air Conditioning Calgary

Finding the right HVAC company can save you time, money, and frustration. Although it may take a little time initially, working with a company you can trust is well worth the effort. Here are some tips for selecting a Calgary AC installation company.

Find an Experience...

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Duct Cleaning

  • Furnace Cleaning

    We recommend you cleaning your furnace and all vents at least once and preferably once in Sping and once in fall.The debris building up in the ducts not only impacts the air circulating in your home, but it also makes the furnace work harder. When the build-up starts to clog the ducts, it makes it difficult for the furnace to produce strong air flow. This reduces furnace efficiency and may result in higher energy consumption. A duct cleaning company can clean the debris out and allow air to flow freely, helping to lower energy usage.
  • Duct Cleaning

    Are you concerned about the quality of the air you breathe in your home every day? If any of these considerations resonate with you, then regular duct cleaning in Calgary is essential to you and your family’s well-being. We provide straight forward and efficient duct cleaning services that effectively remove dust, dirt, animal hair, allergens and other pathogens that collect over time in your furnace and ducts. Duct Cleaning also ensures your furnace is operating at peak performance, as it was designed.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

    you’ve likely got an accumulation of lint in your dryer vent exhaust. Lint in your dryer vent causes inefficient drying of your clothes, excessive wear on your dryer and wasted use of electricity. On top of it, accumulated lint in dryer exhaust vents is a common cause of house fires. Live at ease and save money with professional dryer vent cleaning from ADVANPRO Calgary furnace Cleaning.
  • Vent Cleaning

    At ADVANPRO we pride ourselves in having the most efficient and effective cleaning methods. Your vents act as the veins of your home that is why it’s important to remove congestion and contamination early and keep everything running smoothly. We offer our services all over Calgary and surrounding areas. We care for your health and safety, that is why our technicians have years of field experience and extensive training. We understand that spaces have plants, pets, dust and more that can clog up your vents and create hazards. Besides vent cleaning you should also have your Chimney cleaning done yearly to prevent fires

Furnace Repairs

  • Furnace Repairs

    No matter what the season may be, taking good care of the house on a regular basis should be a priority. From wear because of overuse or damage because of the elements, anything can get damaged without proper care and this includes the furnaces in the house.When the winter season comes, it is especially important to have a properly working furnace or HVAC system so that you will stay warm in the comfort of your home. It’s hard to even imagine not having a working heater in the middle of winter. Wouldn’t you want to sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands when it is freezing cold outside?
  • Furnace Tune Ups

    When your Calgary furnace is tuned to operate at its factory specifications, it is more energy efficient, significantly reducing the cost to heat your home or commercial property. Let us ensure your furnace is operating as at maximum efficiency by contacting the clean air professionals at ADVANPRO for expert furnace cleaning and Furnace tune up in Calgary.
  • Furnace Installation

    We can supply and install a new furnace when you need it . We know most people dont plan for for a new furnace but when you need it likely quickly , call us for 24 hour furnace service and we can install a new furnace in your Calgary Home. We work with all makes and Model but do recommend Lennox furnaces.
  • Hot Water Tank Replacements

    When your hot water heater drains your wallet by using up too much electricity or collecting repair expenses, it’s time to talk to the professionals at ADVANPRO about hot water tank replacement in Calgary. We can help you select a tank that keeps the hot water flowing throughout your property without overwhelming your budget. We install and service popular brands including Noritz, Bradford White, John Wood, and many more. Our well-trained technicians can provide on-demand, prompt assistance when your old tank leaves you showering in the cold or when you decide that it’s time to invest in your property with an energy-efficient upgrade.
  • Humidifier Installation

    Are you ready to beat the dry Calgary climate? Our dedicated technicians are available for whole-house humidifier installation in Calgary and the surrounding area. These efficient systems pull water directly from your plumbing and are connected into your furnace’s blower. After the cost of installation, it can cost as little as a few dollars a year to keep your entire home at the humidity level of your choice. To maximize your comfort, we can also provide furnace installation and air conditioning installation for existing homes or new constructions.

Air Conditioning

  • Air Conditioning Repairs

    Air conditioning inefficiencies and breakdowns often happen at the most inconvenient times. As fellow Calgarians, we know that when your Air Conditioning system is down your home comfort is compromised. At Advanpro we pride ourselves in being a reliable partner for our customers by offering quick, around-the-clock air conditioning repair services. Our professional customer service representatives make scheduling a service appointment straight forward and hassle free. We work hard to ensure our experienced, licensed and friendly service technicians are there for you on-time and properly equipped to get your A/C system back up and running to make your home comfortable again. While we’re at it we can also provide humidifier installation and furnace installation services. Call Advanpro to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature year round.
  • AC tune ups

    As central A/C systems age, they tend to gradually lose efficiency and cooling capacity. An air conditioning tune up with Advanpro ensures that your unit is operating at full capacity. Our certified techs flag any system issues early on, before the unit stops working and breaks the bank. With an air conditioning tune up from Advanpro, you can rest assured that the A/C system in your home is running properly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable home environment on the hottest days. An A/C tune up reduces electricity costs, saving you money while keeping your home temperature regulated
  • AC Installation

    Don’t let Calgary’s summer heat interfere with your home comfort and quality of life. Advanpro’s trusted experts are your go-to for prompt and high quality air conditioning installation in Calgary. We handle systems of all sizes and styles. Our professional buyer guides arrive on time, answer your questions with honesty and provide you with a detailed, competitive quote. Once you choose Advanpro, you’ll experience the professionalism we uphold. It all starts by seamlessly booking an installation appointment that works with your schedule


a month ago
We had a great experience with mike when he came to our home to fix our blower in our furnace. He called asking us if he could show up an hour early than our scheduled time which worked out perfect! He was very quick to diagnose the problem and gave us many options to how to go about fixing it. He was fast, efficient and full of knowledge! Would highly reccomend
- Ash C
5 days ago
Quick, efficient service, great to talk to. Did a good quality furnace inspection and duct work. Will use them again! Thanks Pat and Nick!
- alex d
5 months ago
My furnace was down and required service. I actually contacted Alberta Home Services which also has very good reviews. However the person who picked up my phone was nasty and gave an expensive quote for their emergency service. As a result I told her that I would bring my business somewhere else. Then I found ADVANPRO. Excellent service! Pat and Roland did a great job. I will keep booking their services. Highly recommend!
- Ricky P

About us

Furnace Cleaning CalgaryWe are your furnace and duct cleaning experts!Do you want to ensure the cleanest, safest indoor environment for your family or business? If so, you need a professional furnace and duct cleaning performed by your Calgary furnace cleaning specialists!We are furnace cleaning professionals based in Calgary who have been providing furnace repairs, furnace maintenance, vent cleaning, and furnace duct cleaning services for years.Furnace CleaningWe offer a full-service furnace and duct cleaning using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum system. Your cleaning will include the following:
  • Cleaning of the furnace (cabinet interior and exterior) and vents (ducts)
  • Cleaning of all supply and return duct work
  • Removal and cleaning of blower motor assembly (including adjustment, where necessary)
  • Supply and installation of a new  standard air filter
  • Cleaning of the ignition assembly
  • Cleaning the blower fan assembly
  • Cleaning of burner assembly
  •  Cleaning of joist liners and all return duct work
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger
 Furnace Tune Up/ Furnace ServicingEven if you aren’t having a “problem” with your heating and cooling system, you will benefit from a regular furnace tune up servicing and maintenance. After all, it’s cheaper to prevent a problem than to fix things after they go haywire. A Furnace Tune up /furnace servicing by our team of professionals includes the following and can be done with any furnace and duct cleaning package:
  • Inspection of your: Thermostat, Flame  Sensor, Ignitor, Burners, Venting Heat Exchanger  Wiring
  • Test and Check: Ignition Sequence, Safety & Pressure Switches
  • Supply & Service: New Standard Furnace Filter, Motor Lubrication, Fan Belt Alignment & Wear,
  • Interior /Exterior Furnace Cabinet Cleaning, Test & Set Temperature Rise
  • Measure & Record: Amperage, Voltage& Resistance of all Motors & Electrical Components.
  • Test and Set gas pressure
If you choose to go with out Platinum Total Care Tune up you will get
  • 8 – standard furnace filters
  • For 2 years from the service date,VIP front of line emergency call out service
  • For 2 years from the service date, 20% discount on all subsequent furnace repair bills
  •  And more!

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